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Plant Laboratory
Detection facility is mainly for the detection of semi-finished products, including raw materials, lap, cotton net, sliver, cop. Because fluctuations in these indicators will affect the final product into yarn neps, evenness, mixing rate, if the indicator volatility is reflected in the fabric surface defects. But the plant's daily operating cycle is monitored on the basis of the machine, and will consider the detection cycle varieties to some extent, so we have established a laboratory in Qingdao to detect fluctuations in the quality of each species per day.

Qingdao Laboratory
Qingdao laboratory has the following effects:
1. The routine monitoring product index.
2. For the problem of timely customer feedback test process.
Yarn Qingdao laboratory test section is mainly for the lack of complementary spinners to do the test.
Some features of the product, we will carry out functional tests, such as thermostats products, heating products, thermal products, cold flu products, deodorant products and so on. To ensure maximum physical indicators, performance indicators qualified products reach the hands of customers.